Friday, May 29, 2009

Thomas Francis. In The House.



Event: Live on WHHS 99.9 FM (philly Area)
"we float"
What: Performance
Host: Thomas Francis Takes His Chances
Start Time: Tonight, May 30 at 8:00pm
End Time: Tonight, May 30 at 10:30pm
Where: WHHS 99.9

Click this link at 8:30pm TONIGHT!!
Website: WHHS



May, 30 2009 02:00 PM - Merry Place Park
, havertown, Pennsylvania 19083 - 8.00

All Day Event With FOOD and SLIP&SLIDE MUSIC: Unknown (members of Paint it Black, Armalite & Pissed Jeans) Slingshot Dakota Thomas Francis Takes His Chances Mischief Brew Ukebox Brown Mushroom Factors of Four Ardmore Assault Tye Dyed in the Sunrise Cougar Justice Uke Ellington The Alleles Abi Riemold The Losers of Mr.Haverford ft. Lee Francis The New Ysluts SHOW IS ALL BOOKED! 8 bucks (for like 15 bands and a SLIP&SLIDE)

May 30th
Merry Place Park
599 Glendale Rd
Havertown Pa 19083

12:30 Doors
(A) 12:45-1:05 ~ Abi Riemhold + Ensemble
(B) 1:10-1:30 ~ Cougar Justice
(A) 1:35-1:55 ~ The Alleles
(C) 2:00-2:25 ~ Thomas Francis Takes His Chances
(B) 2:30-2::50 ~ The New Ysluts
(A) 2:55-3:15 ~ Uke Ellington
(C) 3:20-3:40 ~ Tye Dyed By The Sunrise
(B) 3:45-4:05 ~ Ardmore Assault
(A) 4:10-4:30 ~ Ukebox
(B) 4:35-4:55 ~ The Losers of Mr. Haverford
(C) 5:00-5:25 ~ Factors Of Four
(B) 5:30-6:00 ~ Slingshot Dakota
(C) 6:05-6:30 ~ Brown Mushroom
(B) 6:35-7:00 ~ 8/23/09
(B) 7:05-7:45 ~ Mischief Brew

A = Acoustic
B = Nook
C = Stage near Tennis Courts


Last month we were on Rutgers radio Overnight Sessions with WRSU - We were a mess my dear, but you can listen to it here!

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