Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome to the NEW Thomas Francis Takes His Chances blog

This is who we are. We began making music as a Family in the basement of our Parents house about two years ago. We were funny. People thought we were a hilarious musical interpretation of a joke. Before long we began branching out of the basement and began seeking other musicians to add to the punchline.
We now operate as an 8 piece family and are now in the studio recording our first album for release in late '08.
So, thank you for finding your way here. We want to rip you! What's wrong with YOU! We want to rip you! And since we are feeling generous we will allow you to rip us. So you can download our first studio track: Spanish Rollie Smokes

Hope you enjoy and keep checking backs, we are adding more tracks very sooooooooooooooon!

Mp3: Spanish Rollie Smokes

Check out the new song FIGHT NIGHT! on our MySpace page...

Rapunzel live @ the Pattenburg House (video by Dave Cahill)

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